2020, the beginning of Wills Kitchen restaurant in the cotton city of Tamilnadu, Coimbatore.

NIN HAO New age Chinese Restaurant was begun in the year 1994. William Fan himself had an extraordinary energy for food and Service and He wanted to explore the indianised Chinese cooking to suit Our Fellow Coimbatorians. Fortunately Our Coimbatorians like the fusion of food – He began another branch in the year 1995 with the brand name as CHINA V'LLEY Chinese eatery in Coimbatore itself. Also, in the year 2020 December seventh, We are beginning a Cloud Kitchen in the name of Wills Kitchen.

We have planned our menu in such a manner to suit Our Fellow Coimbatorians and we do have some legitimate Chinese cooking as well. I put stock in a decent group and Team work , for that I treat all my staff as my own family – my moto is if my staff are upbeat, they will make my guest and me solid and prosperous.

Consistently is a test for me to serve in a way that is better than yesterday and testing and presenting new intuition with regards to my food. I attempt to give my guest the atmosphere(interiors) which would coordinate with our Food and Service, I give my guest the best mix of Food , Service and Atmosphere of Pan Asian. Been to London and gains to work in a Pan Asian café and educated the food well to carry it to the Coimbatore swarm. At regular intervals we bring head chefs from Delhi, Mumbai and Kolkata to update our menu and we pick the main dishes as it needs to suit Our Fellow Coimbatorians..

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